10 Daily Guiding Principles 

MindBodySoul health means everything is connected. You cannot be in optimal homeostasis if you are only considering one aspect of “health” at a time. For example, if you focus on diet, but ignore mental wellness, or if you focus on exercise, but forget about emotional resiliency. Samantha Dobo & Jennifer Kennedy share 10 daily principles to guide you towards a holistic health lifestyle, that support you in all aspects of wellness. Incorporate these ten simple principles by adding them into your daily routine. You are likely doing many already (kudos), but have simply stopped noticing. Be mindful, be intentional, be vital.

10 Daily Guiding Principles

1. One Truth ~ seek out one truth about yourself.

2. Two Brain Exercises ~ memorization, problem solving, mental activation, get it.

3. Three Servings of Vegetables ~ one serving is the size of your fists side by side.

4. Four Minutes of Singing and/or Dancing ~ extra points if you do both

5. Five Deep Breaths ~ repeat whenever you feel anxiety, fear, sadness, or trouble arise in your day.

6. Six/Sex ~ open to your interpretation. Note: you don’t need a partner for number six.

7. Seven Minutes of Reflection ~ as a baseline; increase to 20 (+) minutes with time.

8. Eight Km of Walking ~ take the stairs, a new route, let your feet and intuition guide you.

9. Nine Gestures of Kindness ~ share the love.

10. Ten Hugs for 10 Seconds ~ both arms, maybe a gentle sway, feel the oxytocin pump through your body. Extra points for hugs longer than 10 seconds – get to 20!

Samantha is facing her cancer journey with an abundance of love for herself, and inspiring those around her to do the same, no matter what health condition or dis-ease they may have. Read her story, make a contribution so she can continue to fund her recovery, and follow the infectiously vibrant Sam @sdobo www.teamdobo.com

xx Big City Hippies Sam, Jenn, and Maddy

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