30 Minutes for Soft Hair, Self-Love & Vitamin D

The Sun is blazing. It is softly calling out to you…

“Come relax with me; melt your cares away. Enjoy the comfort of my warm embrace.”

So you concede, and decide to practice some self-love, and relax in the sunshine. Pause. I am a female. I should be multi-tasking. I should be multi-tasking especially if I dare take some time for myself. I shall garden. I shall read. I shall hang up laundry. I shall write letters to my grandmothers. I shall text friends. I shall practice math. I shall mend clothes.


Okay, okay. It’s hard, but no. I SHALL NOT do these things out of obligation. I shall only do what is going to make me happiest right now.

I shall give my hair an oil treatment while I read my book in the sun. There. I am nourishing my hair, mind and soul, with a large dose of Vitamin D. Happiest. Minor multi-tasking success.

Step 1: Change into something comfy.

Step 2: Brush out hair thoroughly.

Step 3: Take off rings that can catch in hair. Massage your hair oil into your hair.

Step 4: Be good to yourself. Give yourself a good massage. Close your eyes. Inhale the aromatherapy of the oils, feel your scalp, the bumps and dents and cranial plates. Be mindful and focus on how it feels to massage your own head.

Step 5: Brush hair again to ensure even distribution of oils. Make sure there is lots on the ends!

Step 6: Twist hair into a bun and use a clip to hold it instead of an elastic to reduce stress on the hair. You are giving it a spa treatment after all.

Step 7: Enjoy the sunshine, which will warm the oils and help them permeate your hair. YAY!


I alternate between Prairie Naturals “White Lightening” Scalp Revitalizing Serum and Weleda “Rosemary Hair Oil”. I attempt to remember to do this every 3 months minimum. Once a month would be good. They both smell heavenly.

Both brands are all natural and super close to being free from nasty ingredients {only 1 questionable ingredient}!

White Lightening Revitalizing Scalp Serum
by Prairie Naturals

Ingredients {in order}:
– Virgin Olive Oil
– Rosemary
– Mullein
– Cherry Bark
– Nettle
– Yarrow
– Marshmallow Root
– Comfrey
– Oak Bark
– Black Walnut
– Chickweed
– Spring Horsetail
– Eucalyptus
– Clary Sage
– Basil
– Polysorbate 80 {emulsifier; ranks as a 3 on EWG’s Skin Deep}
– Jojoba Oil
– Biotin/Niacin/Folic Acid
– Vitamin E
– Cystine {Amino Acid of Keratin}
– Grapefruit Seed Extract

Rosemary Hair Oil
by Weleda

Ingredients {in order}:
– Peanut Oil
– Clover Flower
– Lavender
– Burdock Root
– Rosemary
– Limonene {Fragrance made from essential oils}
– Linalool {Fragrance made from essential oils}
– Geraniol {Fragrance made from essential oils}
– Coumarin {Fragrance made from essential oils}

I prefer the strong, invigorating smell of the White Lightening {due to the Eucalyptus} and like that it has a dropper for easy use. The Weleda product needs an easy hand, as it comes out fast!

Back to self-love… I took my newly oiled hair and headed into the yard to lay in the grass and read. 30 minutes later, I was very sweaty, and ready for a rinse! You’ll need to give your hair a good washing. I usually end up giving it a normal wash {baking soda, with a touch of natural ‘poo}) then having a second shower the next day if it is still weighed down, so don’t do this before an important event; everyone has different hair.

While these products are purchased, you can easily make your own using ingredients from the kitchen & essential oils! When I run out, I’ll be making my own version!

Freshly showered and cool, I looked in the mirror and smiled at myself. Then I continued to read my fascinating book {When the Body Says No – Gabor Maté} while my nourished hair dried.

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