6 Reasons to #GoGreen with your Laundry Routine

Have you thought recently about the benefits of hanging up your old laundry routine? Do you want to save money, burn calories and be kinder to the environment? We thought so! Read on for 6 reasons to go green with your laundry routine.


1} Washing in COLD water and HANGING = clothes lasting longer.

  • Hot water and hot dryer air sets stains! A big No-No for stains is heat!
  • Hot water or air fades colours more quickly.
  • Heat breaks down fibers more quickly {aka clothes start to fall apart, more holes}.
  • All that tumbling and swirling takes its toll on clothes. Hanging to dry means you are reducing the stress put on your garments.
  • Lint is the result of the dryer wearing away the fibers of your clothes.
  • Longer lasting clothes means less shopping.

2} Hanging your clothes = using less energy.

  • The average dryer uses 5,4000 kilowatts of energy per year in Canada. No dryer turned on, no energy used.
  • EnergyStar models use less wattage, but you are still using and paying for power.
  • Using Solar Power {aka putting stuff outside in the sunshine} or just drying in your home means you are being “emission-free”. AKA eco-friendly!
  • Your risk of household fire {due to un-cleaned lint-traps} will be non-existent if you hang-dry! Removing lint is usually not the fire risk; the greatest risk comes from chemical dryer sheets creating an invisible barrier of film on the filter. You physically need to scrub the filter remove this film. Try pouring water on your filter. Does it drain through, or is it “trapped”? This film, along with un-cleaned traps/nooks causes around 15,000 fires in North America each year. That’s a lot of loss, waste, manpower and potential for fatalities. Doesn’t hang drying sound so peaceful?

3} The power of the Sun = benefit to your garments.

  • Sunshine helps to whiten Whites! A few hours in those splendid rays, and you’ll be able to skip bleaching agents! However, sunshine will fade colours over time. Hang colours in the shade or inside, or just remember to bring them in once dry to avoid excess sun exposure.
  • Sunshine helps to removes stains {especially when assisted with fresh lemon juice}
  • Sunshine is a natural SANITIZER! If something needs some extra freshness (cloth diapers, kitchen rags, pillow cases), the sun will pull double duty and destroy odour and bacteria for you!
  • Refresh hard to wash or delicate items like duvets, pillows and hand-made quilts with the power of the sun!
  • Hang drying {especially in the sun} will make your garments smell & feel amazing. The smell of sun-dried laundry will whisk you into a memory far, far away.
  • Crinkles in your clothes are strange at first, but after a while, you will love that crisp feeling. If there is air circulation {wind, maybe a fan in the room}, then you will have much less crinkle action. In fact, with a nice breeze, your clothes should be practically winkle free!
  • Hanging inside adds moisture to the air in your home {humidity}. This is especially helpful in the winter. Dry nostrils, be gone!

IMG_2952“Zen” your hanging routine by adding in a few deep breathes, playing some music, whistling and practicing some self-love. Make it a pleasant, positive experience instead of a boring “chore”.

4} Hanging up your clothes to dry = a mini workout.

  • Hanging on a line or hanging on a rack will take you on average 10-15 minutes for a full load of laundry. That means you’ve just snuck in an extra 10-15 minutes of movement and calorie burning into your day.
  • Keep good form when bending and reaching, and activate your abs, glutes, hips and T4 Abs {think holding in your pee or poop} for an surprisingly tiring, invisible workout.
  • Amp it up by doing some yoga poses after you’re done hanging to stretch your body and increase your workout.
  • Most people will burn between 100 -200 calories by doing laundry that includes line drying

5} Hanging outside = connecting with Nature, Yourself… and neighbours!

  • If you are hanging outside, you are getting an extra dose of fresh air therapy, Vitamin D & Vitamin N {Nature}.
  • “Zen” your hanging routine by adding in a few deep breathes, playing some music, whistling and practicing some self-love. Make it a pleasant, positive experience instead of a boring “chore”.
  • BARE FEET TIME! Get grounded with the earth while hanging. “Earthing” or “Grounding” is the process of Positive Charges being released from your body & Negative Charges being re-absorbed between you & the earth. Skin On Nature is the goal. This is a GREAT thing.
  • Chances are, you’ll notice things going on in your neighbourhood by spending an extra 20-40 minutes outside a week. New neighbours, gardens, pets, bees, flowers, babies and more!


6} Feel good savingsMoney & The Environment.

  • The average Canadian spends $106 a year using their clothes dryer.
  • If you add up the resources it takes to create the energy your dryer is using, the actual cost {to the environment and more} is costing us much, much more.
  • North Americans use about 20x the energy per person per year than countries like Africa and India, and 3x as much as European Nations. Reduce your energy footprint!
  • Winter drying is 100% feasible. Hang indoors, and in a day or so, voila, dry clothes and moist, breathable air!

A few extra laundry tips…

  • If needing to use the dryer, skip the dryer sheets and use dryer balls {felted wool balls that bounce around and fluff stuff up}
  • Disliking the crinkles? Throw a line-dried load into the dryer for 5 minutes with the dryer balls, and no more crinkle.
  • Compost that lint – check if your city takes it. Or save it for crafts – make your own dryer balls? Felted lint? NEW INVENTION?!
  • Switch to a chemical free soap or soap alternative…. There are many options, from Laundry Balls to Soap Nuts.
  • Use vinegar or lemon in place of bleach to whiten whites and keep colours fresh.
  • No brainer… wash FULL loads to continue with the energy/environment/$ savings.

Stay tuned for an article on laundry soap and alternatives!


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