Burlap Lace Fall Dress Update DIY

I purchased a pretty teal dress {a high/low dress, or as I like to call it, the “Mullet Dress”} last fall. It has long sleeves, and is a jewel-toned teal. Soft and cozy for cooler weather, perfect with tights & boots & easy to throw on and look “complete” on sleepy mornings.

Here’s the problem – When I tried it on in-store, my brain was clearly not functioning. The whole high/low thing threw me off, and I didn’t realize how short it was in the front. I wore it to work, and felt very uncomfortable with how close the hem was to ahem… you know.

I was sad. I LOVED the dress. It went into my closet for quite a while. I thought to myself {with gusto} “I will sew something on to the hem to make it longer!” Yeah…. It was probably close to 8 months later that I finally followed through with that plan.

While attending out-patient services at GF Strong, I used the Art Works Studio as a means to work my brain and rehab my left hand. My goal was to do some some art/diy projects using my left hand predominantly. I am not left handed. This was hard. Being in the Art Works studio with Art Rehabilitation Therapists was key, as they guided me, encouraged me, and time stopped while I was in the studio. I didn’t rush myself. Rehab was the goal, and if I made something pretty, that was just a bonus.

After deciding I wanted to try left-handed sewing, I knew the teal dress would be the perfect project. I took it to Dressew and started looking at options. I chose a burlap “lace” trim thing {rough, kind of “rope-y” & chunky} that I thought would contrast nicely with the softness of the dress fabric & was wide enough to give my dress some well-needed extra length. A consultation with my Art Therapist, some tweaked ideas, and I was all set! It took me a few weeks to slowly left-hand sew it on, and add a few details, but I did it!

I LOVE the results, and get quite a few compliments when I wear it! It’s the perfect fall dress. I feel dressed up, but casual at the same time, thanks to the roughness of the burlap lace.

I used embroidery thread in a matching teal colour so the result was “chunkier” stitch. I also added some stitch detailing {aka free-hand embroidery haha} to add some extra texture & very subtle pizzaz. It looks good on the outside, but if you look on  the inside my free-handed stitching is pretty sloppy. No matter!

Voila! What do you think of my “new” dress?


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