DIY Teacup Planter

Who doesn’t want a large teacup full of succulents or other fun plants?


This incredibly easy DIY only requires a few “ingredients”!

> a teacup

> plants of your choice

> soil

> small rocks OR a ceramic drill {or both}

You simply drill a drainage hole OR put a a layer of pebbles at the bottom of the teacup. This is for drainage and helps ensurethe plants don’t drown from being over watered.

Then “pot” your plant of choice! THAT’S IT!


We up-cycled a large teacup {that was more like a mini-bowl} that we didn’t use much, and planted Hen & Chicks {succulents}. Cacti would be awesome too! Or a moss & mushroom fairy village!



It lives outside in the summer time, and will probably be brought in for winter to sit in a window sill being all cheery & cleaning the air! It has been thriving for over 6 months in it’s teacup home!















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2 comments on “DIY Teacup Planter

  1. Thanks for the idea. I have looked around for some ideas and love yours! Need to re-pot my hen and chicks soon and a teacup is what I will use.

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