Easy-Over Egg with Nettles

An easy over egg atop sautéed nettles with pestocheddar & spices on a multi-grain bagel. I think I could eat this organic vegetarian recipe daily!

Stinging nettles (Urtica dioica) are an amazing powerhouse of nutrients. When raw, the tiny needles covering the nettles sting you with chemicals, but when cooked (or soaked), their stinging chemicals are released, making them safe to eat & handle! 

Nettles taste like a stronger version of spinach, and are full of Vitamin AVitamin C, IronPotassiumFibreCalcium & Fatty Acids

Their Plant Power is used medicinally for rheumatismgoutkidneys, GI Tractcardiovascular, skin & more.
My mothers farmer friends whip their backs with nettles after a long day in the fields, and I grew up eating it from my fathers garden, gobbling it up with garlic butterIn the UK, they have raw nettle eating competitions!


  • Stinging Nettles {about a handful – but don’t touch with bare hands! Use tongs}
  • Eggs {local, free range & organic}
  • Bagel {organic to avoid chemical residue}
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese {organic & raw}
  • Pesto {make your own, but we admit, we love the Kirkland Pesto from Costco – we’re not perfect either!}
  • Cooking fat/oil {grass-fed ghee/butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, bacon fat etc}

IMG_9176Get Cooking

  • Rinse the Nettles well, shake to dry {use tongs & a lettuce spinner/colander}
  • Sautee Nettles in oil of choice. We did a mix of Ghee & Bacon Fat until tender {about 5 minutes}
  • Scootch Nettles over in pan, and cook egg to liking {we like Easy-Over with a runny yolk}
  • Pop Bagel in the toaster
  • Cut up about 2 slices of cheese into small bites
  • Spread pesto on bagel
  • Assemble Nettles & Egg, with cheese & pesto
  • Enjoy!

 Remember to use what you’ve got and to eat local & organic where possible! Try substituting a different leafy green, use different toast types, try different cheeses & spreads! Get Creative!

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