Being Frank

Inside the mind of Frank Sloan. Frank is a long time advocate for the environment, having worked for SPEC & The Wilderness Committee, starting up Canvassing on the West Coast. He is a poet, artist, gardener, forager, dumpster-diver, bike-rider & father {of Maddy & Nela to boot… guess he rubbed off on them a bit}. Enjoy his scathing poems about society, or sweet thoughts on Mother Earth. Much of Franks poetry is from the 80’s & 90’s, but unfortunately, the message remains the same for today.

Witness (10/31/2014) When I witness this history Of the species     MANKIND When I see in myself What one should despise And what I learned from the press Of what man can derive Ain’t it a wonder the sun still shines Yes Ain’t it a wonder that sun still shines While we sit in the kitchen sippin’ chemical […]
Dear Mr. Bouchard   (10/15/2014) Minister of the Environment 1989 Time is short. Why do you not speak like you should, given the stupendous responsibility you hold? Why do people such as David Suzuki, Chief Piakon, or myself continue to upstage you? It is not only my daughters, but children of all species who will be perplexed and forever angry […]
Canada (9/18/2014) Protect your precious remaining wilderness areas Teach your citizens here to compost recycle garden Make your city’s air and water clean, and provide them with safe nonpolluting transportation bicycles and trains Make them clean and green Let there always be forest in forest streams There is no better investment than promoting and protecting a quality […]
Jack Laytons Dream (8/31/2014)   When Layton died The nation cried In solidarity for a friend Who so diplomatically and honourably Put our country on the mend His charisma and integrity Touching us all Until his noble end We’ll miss you Jack, Perhaps even more than Trudeau – For telling us all That united we can Tell the Tories […]
Plan It (5/7/2014) I need clean water, air and soils I am the Planet Earth. PLAN IT. Wake up, spring’s here, you’ve had your tea, tea, tea – Frank Sloan {1986}
Demise of the songbirds (5/7/2014) Have I no right to speak? In this country I do – CANADA Open your eyes! Only to be Blinded     by the glint of Greed Flashy metal. Open your heart – be blind Feel the magnitude of the Reality of our situation. Four billion human Maggots who will never Metamorphosis until they Learn to spin A […]
Going for broke (5/7/2014) Spend it all, all of it Get rid of it Fast as you can Use it to pig out Feast while there’s plenty Pollute the   air   soil   water Build shiny cars and sparkling castles Drink Champagne and bottled water Dine on rare imports of caviar, crab I am slowly Burning Out trying to keep Up […]
Being Frank (5/1/2014) Remember me as one who cares as one who would sing to grizzly bears as one who composts in many layers lush is my garden – Frank Sloan {1988}

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