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10 Daily Guiding Principles  (10/13/2017) MindBodySoul health means everything is connected. You cannot be in optimal homeostasis if you are only considering one aspect of “health” at a time. For example, if you focus on diet, but ignore mental wellness, or if you focus on exercise, but forget about emotional resiliency. Samantha Dobo & Jennifer Kennedy share 10 daily principles […]
BCH x The Global Coworking Unconference Conference 2017 (9/29/2017) Big City Hippies is a proud media sponsor for The Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC aka JUICY) happening October 4th to 6th! Big City Hippie Maddy touched base with Melissa Hope from The HiVE and Denise Brennan from Creative Coworkers for their thoughts on the thriving scene that is coworking. I asked for their Top […]
Work Like Nature Book Review (9/12/2017) I really enjoyed Work Like Nature: Sustainability Lessons From Ecosystems For Your Job Or Business by Lea Elliott – it’s a perfect companion to those green initiatives you’ve been dreaming up for your workplace! “When we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it attached to the rest of the world” – John […]
Reduce, Reuse, Rewater (8/9/2017) Whats this murky bucket doing in my kitchen sink? Well, it’s hot out. And dry. This bucket catches extra sink water and liquids that would otherwise be washed down to drain. Instead, every time it’s full, we take it outside and water the plants on our deck, and the garden. An average day in the […]
Get OUTside with the Wild About Vancouver Festival (3/29/2017) Just like spring, the Wild About Vancouver Festival is close on our heels! From April 22 – 30, 2017, Vancouver & the Lower Mainland are invited to participate in FREE outdoor events hosted by local partners, such as schools, organizations, individuals, and businesses. This year, the goal is to have 80+ free events that promote […]
Get Involved with People, Parks, and Dogs in Vancouver (8/31/2016) *  UPDATE – February 2017 * Round 2 Consultations are now happening! Final recommendations to the Parks Board will be submitted in Spring 2017 – that’s soon! Take the survey on the Draft Recommendations that came out the feedback from Round 1 Main Page Link: Direct Survey #2 Link: The City of Vancouver […]
How to Stop your Shower from Poisoning You (11/5/2014) You might not realize it, but every time you shower, you could be exposing yourself, your children, wildlife & the environment to toxic chemicals such as Dioxins, Phthalates & Lead. Is your shower curtain or liner made of the “Poison Plastic”? “The polymers ranked as most hazardous are made of monomers classified as mutagenic and/or carcinogenic (category […]
Witness (10/31/2014) When I witness this history Of the species     MANKIND When I see in myself What one should despise And what I learned from the press Of what man can derive Ain’t it a wonder the sun still shines Yes Ain’t it a wonder that sun still shines While we sit in the kitchen sippin’ chemical […]
Dear Mr. Bouchard   (10/15/2014) Minister of the Environment 1989 Time is short. Why do you not speak like you should, given the stupendous responsibility you hold? Why do people such as David Suzuki, Chief Piakon, or myself continue to upstage you? It is not only my daughters, but children of all species who will be perplexed and forever angry […]
Canada (9/18/2014) Protect your precious remaining wilderness areas Teach your citizens here to compost recycle garden Make your city’s air and water clean, and provide them with safe nonpolluting transportation bicycles and trains Make them clean and green Let there always be forest in forest streams There is no better investment than promoting and protecting a quality […]
6 Reasons to #GoGreen with your Laundry Routine (9/10/2014) Have you thought recently about the benefits of hanging up your old laundry routine? Do you want to save money, burn calories and be kinder to the environment? We thought so! Read on for 6 reasons to go green with your laundry routine.
Jack Laytons Dream (8/31/2014)   When Layton died The nation cried In solidarity for a friend Who so diplomatically and honourably Put our country on the mend His charisma and integrity Touching us all Until his noble end We’ll miss you Jack, Perhaps even more than Trudeau – For telling us all That united we can Tell the Tories […]
Green Streets Program in Vancouver (8/27/2014) Vancouver has a Green Streets program that is pretty awesome! Local community volunteers plant gardens in roundabouts/diversions that the City of Vancouver pays for. It’s then basically in the hands of that volunteer to maintain. If you volunteer, here are some perks: free compost in the spring & fall, advance notice of plant giveaway, green streets newsletter, […]
The Easiest & Cheapest way to make Organic Vegetable Stock (8/4/2014) Keeping up with ingredient labels, GMOs, rising prices, health information, grocery shopping and meal planning is a lot of work. A lot. 
Taking the time to create something from nothing in the kitchen 3 times a day, everyday, is exhausting. We are fortunate there are healthy products to assist us when we are in need […]
Plan It (5/7/2014) I need clean water, air and soils I am the Planet Earth. PLAN IT. Wake up, spring’s here, you’ve had your tea, tea, tea – Frank Sloan {1986}
Demise of the songbirds (5/7/2014) Have I no right to speak? In this country I do – CANADA Open your eyes! Only to be Blinded     by the glint of Greed Flashy metal. Open your heart – be blind Feel the magnitude of the Reality of our situation. Four billion human Maggots who will never Metamorphosis until they Learn to spin A […]
Going for broke (5/7/2014) Spend it all, all of it Get rid of it Fast as you can Use it to pig out Feast while there’s plenty Pollute the   air   soil   water Build shiny cars and sparkling castles Drink Champagne and bottled water Dine on rare imports of caviar, crab I am slowly Burning Out trying to keep Up […]
Being Frank (5/1/2014) Remember me as one who cares as one who would sing to grizzly bears as one who composts in many layers lush is my garden – Frank Sloan {1988}

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