Do It Yourself

You’re always in for an adventure if you opt to DIY instead of buy!


Simple Kitchen Pantry Face Mask  (9/12/2017) Self Care face mask morning! This is a Turmeric Honey mask, made with ingredients found in your own kitchen! Mix up 2 tablespoons of the highest quality honey you can get (manuka honey is the gold of golden honeys), mix in some Turmeric powder, some cinnamon, and maybe a drop of lavender essential oil for […]
3 Ingredient Skin Clearing Face Mask (1/26/2015) For those without “perfect” skin, you are always on the hunt for that next product to right all wrongs. Maybe it’s a cream, or a pill, or a detox. Whatever it is, it usually doesn’t last, and we are left searching & wondering all over again. We are our worst critics, and the stress of […]
Burlap Lace Fall Dress Update DIY (10/20/2014) I purchased a pretty teal dress {a high/low dress, or as I like to call it, the “Mullet Dress”} last fall. It has long sleeves, and is a jewel-toned teal. Soft and cozy for cooler weather, perfect with tights & boots & easy to throw on and look “complete” on sleepy mornings. Here’s the problem – When […]
DIY Teacup Planter (10/18/2014) Who doesn’t want a large teacup full of succulents or other fun plants? This incredibly easy DIY only requires a few “ingredients”! > a teacup > plants of your choice > soil > small rocks OR a ceramic drill {or both} You simply drill a drainage hole OR put a a layer of pebbles at […]
DIY Nut Butter Blends (10/3/2014) We noticed an explosive amount of growth in the peanut/almond/nut butter section of local grocery stores, and were seeing new, exciting combinations of spreads! Concoctions such as coconut, banana, chocolate chip, apple pie, chia seed, hemp seed, half peanut – half almond and so many more interesting ideas!   Naturally, after examining many labels and deeming […]
DIY Mouthwash – Eco, Easy & Effortless (8/26/2014) Big City Hippies love it when it’s easy to make a common household item at home! Even better? When you can improve it and save money! Using easy-to-grow garden herbs and some common household items, we created our own mouthwash! It is eco-friendly {locally made, no extra packaging, low energy to create it etc}, has no […]
The Easiest & Cheapest way to make Organic Vegetable Stock (8/4/2014) Keeping up with ingredient labels, GMOs, rising prices, health information, grocery shopping and meal planning is a lot of work. A lot. 
Taking the time to create something from nothing in the kitchen 3 times a day, everyday, is exhausting. We are fortunate there are healthy products to assist us when we are in need […]
Blue Suede Shoes – Upcycle! (4/22/2014) John had a pair of white shoes that were always getting dirty, and such a chore to clean. Instead of this vicious cycle, I decided to take his shoes with me to the Art Works Studio at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre while I was a frequent outpatient. It was time to breathe some new life […]
Wham, Bam, Chia Seed Jam (4/22/2014) Spring is officially upon Vancouverites! Spring means I feel like actually waking up, as little birds sing songs outside of our window inEast Vancouver, and making breakfast for myself and my fiancé, John. While we usually try and have a hearty breakfast (especially because John is a 6.7″ giant), sometimes we just feel like peanut butter […]

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