Get OUTside with the Wild About Vancouver Festival

Just like spring, the Wild About Vancouver Festival is close on our heels!

From April 22 – 30, 2017, Vancouver & the Lower Mainland are invited to participate in FREE outdoor events hosted by local partners, such as schools, organizations, individuals, and businesses. This year, the goal is to have 80+ free events that promote being outdoors and in nature via education, experiences and enjoyment  through a wide variety of ways.

From Shoreline Clean-Ups, Gardening Workshops, Bee Keeping, Wild Walks, Urban Camping, Fresh Air Yoga and more, all ages can join to experience how to get a dose of Nature in the City. Nature is trending, so jump on the bandwagon to Get INvolved & Get OUTside to celebrate the magic of this beautiful earth we all share.

We all know being outside is good for our health and well-being, yet it is often  overlooked and forgotten as the simplest form of free medicine available. Fresh Air, Clean Water, Earth under our feet, Sunshine on our face, Birdsong in our ears, wafts of soft scents in our noses, bright light on our retinas. Nature is an all-senses affair, a MindBodySoul coherence.  Research (the kind lauded by North American Society) is proving over and over that we need nature more than ever in our indoor, sedentary lives.



“Wild About Vancouver is all about creating opportunities for people of all ages to experience and learn outside, growing people’s love and appreciation for the natural world.” – Dr. Hartley Banack, WAV Festival Chair

We (society) spend an average of 90% of our day indoors. We lack movement, Vitamin D, fresh air, skin on earth, natural light, and more. We spend our days in closed systems: sitting (putting us at risk for myriad health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hormone imbalances, weak glutes, and poor posture), staring at screens (affecting: eyesight, circadian rhythm, and more), breathing recirculated air (drying our skin & eyes, weakening our immune systems, passing around viruses, and more), artificial lighting (affecting our circadian rhythms, melatonin production, menstrual cycles, Vitamin D levels, immune systems, hormones, and more). Our Mental Health is affected, with depression, anxiety, isolation, and more being part of the by-product of not enough time spent in the natural world.  Humans are designed to move and live outside. Our pre-frontal cortex may have evolved to allow for critical thinking, but our basic physiology has not. Living that Big City life has led to our connection to nature being lost, and it’s a vital one.

Big City Hippies is proud to be a volunteer and a media sponsor for this amazing festival. Over 3,000 Big City Hippies participated in last years events, connecting with Mother Earth in ways they may never have before. We love getting some #NatureInTheCity whenever possible, from full-on forest bathing, to taking a simple stroll through the neighbourhood, and hope that participating in a WAV event sparks a new nature habit in your daily routine. My MindBodySoul depends on the Nature Cure, and yours does too.

Check out this excerpt from WAV: Wild About Vancouver creates real changes where student, educators, and Vancouverites-at- large, of all ages, learn through outdoor experiences particularly during instructional times and at school. Increased outdoor learning results in increased overall time spent outdoors, which has been linked with alleviating various large-scale challenges confronting children and youth such as: childhood obesity, type-II diabetes, sedentary behaviour, indoor contamination, myopia, increased stress, depression, isolation, decreased resilience, unclear environmental/sustainability practices, and disconnected learning experiences.

Events must be free & outdoors, and be educational/experiential.

Financial donations and In-Kind donations are much appreciated! Tax receipts provided!

WAV is primarily volunteer-run!

Share with your rad community! Contact


“The more Vancouverites appreciate the outdoors, the more the outdoors is valued and protected through its use,” – Dr. Hartley Banack, WAV Festival Chair.

After reading this, I invite you to go outside RIGHT NOW for 15 minutes. Take 8 slow, deep breaths (in for 4, pause, out for 4, or the 4/7/8 Breath). Look, Listen, Smell. Take your time. Breathe deeply. Reflect on how you feel. Mindfulness in Nature is one of my favourite things. See you at #WAV2017!

xx Big City Hippie Maddy


PS – I wrote this post sitting outside, with some spring sunshine, tea, and the sweet ruckus of chickadees in my ears.


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