Healthful Oatmeal Latte

IMG_8922We are lucky ducks who got an espresso maker as a gift, and I use it ALL the time. Well, I’m pretty good about moderation, so really I use it about 2-3 x per week on myself.

I love making different flavoured, healthy oatmeal, and I love lattes, so I thought “why not latte flavoured oatmeal”? I did a google search for inspiration and discovered that a Cafe in Boulder, Colorado invented the Oatmeal Latte that you drink and eat!

I decided to replicate it, with a super healthful spin, using the ingredients I had on hand!



  • Steel Cut Oats {Steel Cut has a higher Iron level than rolled}
  • Raisins {organic, un-sweetened/oil-coated}
  • Milk {Grass-Fed, Un-homogenized -Gourts Gouda is a great choice
  • Super Power Blend by Harmonic Arts {Maca, Lacuma, Vanilla, Mesquite}
  • Shredded Coconut {organic, unsweetened}
  • Maple Syrup {organic}
  • Chia Seeds {we used black, but any kind will do}
  • Cinnamon {true cinnamon, not Cassia}
  • Coconut Oil {Virgin}
  • Espresso {Organic, Fair/Direct-Trade, Shade-Grown, Locally Roasted}
  • Ground Flax {freshly ground is best, but we are a tad lazy here



Get Cooking

  • Cook your oatmeal in fresh, filtered water with any ingredients you want! Raisons, Coconut, Chia, Flax, Cacao Nibs… there are hundreds of options.
  • While your Oatmeal is cooking, steam or froth your milk & prepare your coffee. We used a double shot of espresso
  • Cook Oatmeal till thick and not water-y – remember, we are adding milk after it’s done
  • Spoon Oatmeal into bowl/giant mug, with lots of room to spare
  • Pour double shot into oatmeal, an pour over steamed milk
  • Enjoy! Take turns sipping your latte & eating spoonfuls. We enjoyed ours along with a dose of Veronica Mars



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