Healthy Chocolate Cinnamon Popcorn in Under 10

Who doesn’t love popcorn? It’s crunchy and light, and makes you feel like snuggling up with a good movie (or a few tv shows in a row) It’s a low calorie snack, and provided you don’t gorge yourself and eat small portions, is actually pretty healthy.

Health benefits of Organic, Non-GMO Popcorn:
> Fiber
> Polyphenols (plant goodness)
> Anti-oxidants
> B Vitamins
> Vitamin E
> Iron, Copper & Zinc
> Other vitamins & minerals

To make sure your popcorn snack stays in the healthy range, purchase whole organic, non-com popcorn kernels. Use the stove or an air popper (popcorn machine). NEVER eat microwave popcorn – there are so many harmful chemicals in the bags, such as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and Tertiary Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ).


Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Popcorn

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– heat a large pot with a good lid with between a tsp and a tbs of organic virgin coconut oil
– cover the bottom of the pot with the kernels (this “measurement” usually makes sure you don’t overflow)
– put on lid – once popping starts, shake/swirl constantly (with lid on!) so it does not burn
– once finished popping, sprinkle on some cinnamon and add a twist of Himalayan Sea Salt
– after it has cooled for a few minutes, stir in some small organic dark chocolate pieces. They will melt and coat your popcorn!




You can use whatever spices you like, try cacao nibs; the possibilities are endless. Just make sure you are choosing good quality products, and your popcorn snack will stay relatively healthy!

Try making a batch on a Sunday night so you have a healthy “treat” all week long!

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