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Big City Hippies strive to help you live your best eco-health life. We are on a mission to educate, inspire and promote a sustainable, conscious lifestyle, and to create as many Big City Hippies as possible, empowering you to holistically influence change in your life, work, and in your community. We believe that Sustainability IS Wellness, and by joining Big City Hippies, we can leverage our collective to have a positive effect on the biosphere, as well as our MindBodySoul. We are all connected.

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Madeline Sloan // Big City Hippie Maddy

Maddy is a Stroke Survivor from East Van who is passionate about holistic health, the environment, and social innovation. She believes everything comes back to nature; yet society is disconnected from the impact of planetary health on human health. She is the Wellness & Sustainability Lead at a natural health supplement company, and Maddy founded Big City Hippies to educate & energize others in their holistic, green journey. She approaches problems mindfully, with an empathetic heart, and is endlessly curious. You’ll find Maddy hanging out with her husband & dog, enjoying nature, joy bundling, taking photos, cooking, advocating, sharing, learning, and reading everything from Neuroscience books to Heart & Brain comics.

Jessica Purver // Big City Hippie Jess

Jess is a city girl at heart, born and raised in Vancouver. In 2013, she realized her lifestyle was holding her back–physically and mentally–and decided to pursue running as motivation for improving her quality of life. In addition to completing over 14 races in two years, Jess received her YTTC 200 in India, and fell in love with yoga and wellness. Recent health hurdles have made her more determined than ever to strive for balance and clean living. Currently, she works as the Content Creator for a local mountain adventure travel agency and as a freelance copywriter. Jess has been on an active journey to revisit her hippie roots and explore eco-health and happiness with Maddy at Big City Hippies.

Penelope Sloan // Big City Hippie Nela

Nela’s hippie ways start at birth: she was born on a farm in Nova Scotia. One of her earliest memories is protesting logging in the Carmana Rose Valley with her dad. She was raised to love and cherish nature, stand up for what she believes in and do her part to make a difference. She considers herself to be a haute-hippie who loves fashion, design, art and being eco-fabulous! Nela owns and operates Penelope Sloan Design, a creative consulting and design firm. She opts for eco-friendly products and materials when ever possible and supports various eco initiatives. She believes being a Big City Hippie means living fabulously with a conscious.

Frank Sloan // Big City Hippie Frank

Frank is an OG Hippie. He studied environmental sciences and mycology, lived in Nova Scotia, then came out to the beautiful and mild West Coast. He worked for Pollution Probe, SPEC, The Green Party & The Wilderness Committee, and played an integral role in the development of door to door canvassing campaigns. Frank instilled the value of nature into his daughters (Maddy & Nela), wrote poetry and created art around themes of sustainability, climate change and politics. He is an avid bike rider, often found cruising the seawall, or enjoying a coffee on Commercial Drive.
“Remember me as one who cares, as one who sings to grizzly bears; lush is my garden”

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