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 Tomorrow, come check out the @vinesfestival at #TroutLake! It's an Eco Arts festival! ✌  Wednesdays are #CSA Pick-Up day! We get our weekly organically & local grown veggies from @innercityfarms and fetch them from @luppolo_brewing in #EastVan on Wednesday evenings! #eatyourgreens #drinkyourbeer 🥒
 My wild berries bring all the boys to the yard, and I'm like "they're better than the conventional chemical-laden toxic ones grown by big agra and pretend stewards of the land"  #foraging & #hiking today with @bleoblea @clairepenvin @julia.booth - now we have #pie plans.  Spotted an Eastern #Bumblebee for the #BumbleBeeCount - it was happily collecting pollen near Coopers Park in #Yaletown on a #hibiscus bush. # Capture a photo of a bumble and submit it to @foe_canada to help them learn more about the health & needs of these crucial #pollinators. #🦋 # # Pesticides have been linked to #ColonyCollapseDisorder (CCD), and the population levels of pollinators is in great decline! The #PMRA (Federal agency regulating the use of #pesticides such as #neonicotinoids, #glyphosate, #atrazine etc) is failing to keep #Canadian and global citizens safe, as they allow "temporary permits", granting chemical use without all the safety reporting "required". Some products have been used for decades without ever submitting thorough safety data. And the PMRA data is hidden from the public, accessible only in their reading room. What say our pal @justinpjtrudeau? Will he take his kids bumblebee photo hunting for a photo op, but then do nothing about CCD? #SaveTheBees #SaveTheHumans
 #friyay #selfcare #facemask morning! #FoodOnYourFace à la @nextbitenutrition style. This is a #Turmeric #Honey mask, made with ingredients found in your own kitchen. Mix up 2 tablespoons of the highest quality honey you can get (#manukahoney is the gold of golden honeys), mix in some Turmeric powder, some cinnamon, and maybe a drop of #lavender #essentialoils for a mask that is hydrating, brightening, promoting circulation, calming, and drawing out impurities. Honey is pretty magic! Put it on for 15-30 minutes, in a thin layer so it doesn't warm up and drop off, and be mindful of staining Turmeric - don't wear white and clean up well! Use a dark towel to dry your face once you've washed it with warm water! Apply it, then head outside to breathe fresh air and look at stuff (lots of spiderwebs out to marvel at) ## #  Today at work @lornavanderhaeghe , I organized a Chip N Dip day, ordering an amazing selection of unique, local, healthful products from @spuddelivers! Check out what's on my plate... • Veggie Pâté: @saltspringharvest •Fromage Frais: little qualicum cheeseworks • Grass Fed Brie: @goldenearscheesecrafters • Raw Milk Cheddar: @thevillagecheeseshop • Cilantro Pesto: @spreadem_kitchen • Salsa: @lasmargaritasbc • Chipotle Bean Dip: @betterbeanco • Tzatziki Dip: @habibisfoods • Hummus: @befreshlocal • Kale Crakers: @rwgarciasnacks • Black Rice Crackers: @laikicrackers • Black Sesame Snaps: @edwardandsons • Cassava Chips: @jtsfoods • Beet Chips: @hardbitechips • Carrot Chips: @hardbitechips • Blue Corn Tortillas: @nealbrothers • Herb Crackers: @marysgonecrackers • Veggie Stix: @goodhealth • Veggie Chips: @terrachips Who doesn't love a #tapas spread for lunch?
 "Everything you need, your courage, strength, compassion, and love; everything you need is already within you." We tell ourselves it's not there, but it is. It's often just hidden away from the world, in a sense of false security and protection. However, you'll find the best security and protection when you access all that is within you, and let it blossom and bloom from your deep, endless, heart ✨ #Quote & Graphic: unknown  Blackberries ♠️
 A moment of #joybundling found amongst the #blackberries and #hydrangeas, thanks to the high jinks of my ##GunnarThePooch. He's exhausted, sweaty glee makes me truly happy! Bundled with #FlowerPower, #sunshine, and #berries - does it get any better?  Enjoying a hearty dose of salty air at the #Breakwater in #Victoria #BC. #Ocean spray in the air has been linked to improved lung health. Those little misty particles of #sea #water enter your #lungs and help heal damaged tissue. This can be very beneficial for those with respiratory conditions (#asthma, #emphysema, #bronchitis, #COPD for example). #SaltTherapy has been around for centuries, and is experiencing a resurgence in the #health and #wellness sector. Another way the #nature has your back; #sustainabilityiswellness. Protect #MotherEarth to protect your health. #

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