Joy Bundling

Welcome to the Joy Bundling photo project!

Joy Bundling is purposeful pleasure: bundles of joy, for you, by you. It is creating intentional space for self love & self care.

Quest que c’est?

  • It’s doing a few things that bring you joy with intention + thought
  • It’s elevating everyday routines and moments into euphoric states
  • it’s maximizing pleasure, while reducing pain and apathy.

Neurology, Psychology, Philosophy, Biology – pleasure is intrinsically connected to all of these innate areas. Pleasure is associated with cultural, biological, and psychological drivers and motives: art, curiosity, hygiene, autonomy, eating, music, sex, literature, exercise, companionship, creativity, achievement, and more.

Joy Bundling “recipe” combinations are endless, and so many are free – you don’t need fancy gadgets. Keep it simple; keep it joyful…

  • going for a nature walk while listening to your favourite podcast
  • watching a movie with a friend with a favourite treat
  • having a bubble bath and reading a book
  • meditating in nature
  • cooking a nourishing meal with music & kitchen dancing

Break out of survival mode, free yourself from auto pilot, rebel against societal norms, and activate mindful Joy Bundling.

self care is an act of rebellion; loving yourself is the greatest revolution

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