Living Extraordinary 2014 with Conscious Divas

Check your calendar. Free on Tuesday, October 21? Yes? Not anymore! Conscious Divas is holding Living Extraordinary, and you are not going to want to miss it!

You will be inspired by 10 Local Luminaries who will each have the stage for 7 minutes, to enlighten you with their stories & words of wisdom, courage, change, sacrifice, bravery, vulnerability and more, that led them to a higher degree of conscious living.

That sounds pretty amazing to us. It’s not often we feel we can give our undivided attention to a tale worth listening to. An evening of it sounds absolutely incredible and inspiring.

We all seem to know someone who has made it over life’s toughest hurdles with apparent ease and grace {though, in reality, it’s rarely easy or graceful}, but what about those of us who feel like they are “bumbling” along? It’s not always about a life-changing situation, a complete 180° in your life, or even an epiphany. That does happen, yet sometimes, it’s as simple as taking an evening to reflect upon sage words, whether they are big or small, and consider the effect your own consciousness is having on your own life. Yes, you are listening to the stories of others, but they are not your story.

Big City Hippies believe that we all have the power to write our own story. Maybe you are happy, fulfilled and growing right where you are. Maybe you have a nagging feeling that a few areas of your life could be improved. Or perhaps you feel restless inside, yearning for a change you are not yet consciously aware of.

Living Extraordinary is a great place to start exploring these thoughts and feelings, amongst others in the same space. It is always a good thing to try something new, get out there, explore new ideas and create some space for Self-Love, and to #NourishYourSoul.

After all, you are a Vital Being.



Tuesday, October 21, 2014 from 6:30 – 9:30 pm

Imperial Theatre – 319 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

 $40 per person

Use Promo Code MYFRIEND to get 25% off!

The Speakers

Dr. Spence Pentland

Tori Holmes

Patricia Issac

Michael Zaremba
Desiree Cluff

Ashley Wiles

Dr. Alain Desaulniers

Chastity Davis

Signy Wilson

Erez Avramov


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I want to attend Living Extraordinary Vancouver!


Who & What is Conscious Divas?

We are a local organization dedicated to helping women (and open minded men) experience a more authentic, conscious and connected life. We are on a mission to spread ideas and possibilities that elevate consciousness and collectively increase ones state of being in the world.

Visit their website and say hi on social media! Use #LELive in your media posts!



Facebook Event Page:

Twitter:   @conscious_divas!


Attendee Feedback {2012/2013 Events}

 “The event was amazing, still have aftershocks & am so happy I was a part of it!”

~ Sandra Garcia, Conscious PR Inc.

“All smiles after an Amazing Absolutely Mind Blowing evening with the Conscious Divas!”

~ Zara Durrani, TV host of Life & Style with Zara

“Felt amazing & inspired waking up this morning after last night’s Living Extraordinary Live event. Thx so much!”

~ Annika, Founder Social Bites



Big City Hippies is proud to be a blog sponsor for this wonderful event, and we hope to see your radiant face amongst the audience!

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