Mango Ginger Salmonberry Smoothie

Power Up your smoothie with wild berries!

Foraged Salmonberries were a great addition to this mango ginger smoothie!


  • mango (we used organic, frozen)
  • salmonberries (foraged – not available in stores)
  • banana (one medium-ish sized)
  • kale (a few leaves)
  • tahini (a tablespoon-ish)
  • ginger (a small knob)
  • yogurt (plain, grass-fed, a few tablespoons
  • water (a splash or so to liquefy it all together)
  • turmeric (a teaspoon-ish)
  • black pepper (just a pinch – to help with turmeric absorption)

Whirl & Twirl it up, and you’ll have yourself a smooth, spicy yet sweet pick me up! Remember to chew your smoothie to activate brain-gut connection/digestive system. Our physiology did not account for blended, fast drinking meals. A few chews per sip will help you digest and assimilate all those whole food nutrients! Choose local, organic foods whenever you can to support the environment and your health.

Salmonberries are still in season in the mountains, so get outside, go explore, and happy foraging!

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