Vital Being

If you are only taking care your body, then you are missing 1/3 of the equation. Your body, mind and soul are connected; They are one. Make sure you are Nourishing Your Soul and Feeding Your Mind. Spirituality, Meditation, Self-Love, Education, and Alone Time are all import parts of being well and whole, and becoming a Vital Being.


Art of Living Retreats (4/10/2017) In June 2016, my best friend Richelle and I joined Bianca & Jose at their Art of Living retreat on Bowen Island. We had been looking for an experience to share together that was beyond our usual repertoire, but that wasn’t a full blown trip/vacation. We literally googled on the phone together “Retreats in British […]
Get OUTside with the Wild About Vancouver Festival (3/29/2017) Just like spring, the Wild About Vancouver Festival is close on our heels! From April 22 – 30, 2017, Vancouver & the Lower Mainland are invited to participate in FREE outdoor events hosted by local partners, such as schools, organizations, individuals, and businesses. This year, the goal is to have 80+ free events that promote […]
Project Coherence: A Global Meditation (3/11/2016) A little while ago, Big City Hippie Maddy participated in Project Coherence, led by Dr. Joe Dispenza. The first Project Coherence was a live-stream global meditation. Dr. Joe Dispenza led a live, group meditation to raise the frequency of the planet, to become heart-centered together, to unify our souls, to project love into the universe […]
Living Extraordinary 2014 with Conscious Divas (10/1/2014) Check your calendar. Free on Tuesday, October 21? Yes? Not anymore! Conscious Divas is holding Living Extraordinary, and you are not going to want to miss it! You will be inspired by 10 Local Luminaries who will each have the stage for 7 minutes, to enlighten you with their stories & words of wisdom, courage, change, […]
Green Streets Program in Vancouver (8/27/2014) Vancouver has a Green Streets program that is pretty awesome! Local community volunteers plant gardens in roundabouts/diversions that the City of Vancouver pays for. It’s then basically in the hands of that volunteer to maintain. If you volunteer, here are some perks: free compost in the spring & fall, advance notice of plant giveaway, green streets newsletter, […]
Please Come Home (7/10/2014) Please come home. Please come home. Find the place where your feet know where to walk And follow your own trail home. Please come home. Please come home into your own body, Your own vessel, your own earth. Please come home into each and every cell, And fully into the space that surrounds you. Please […]
Plan It (5/7/2014) I need clean water, air and soils I am the Planet Earth. PLAN IT. Wake up, spring’s here, you’ve had your tea, tea, tea – Frank Sloan {1986}
Demise of the songbirds (5/7/2014) Have I no right to speak? In this country I do – CANADA Open your eyes! Only to be Blinded     by the glint of Greed Flashy metal. Open your heart – be blind Feel the magnitude of the Reality of our situation. Four billion human Maggots who will never Metamorphosis until they Learn to spin A […]
Going for broke (5/7/2014) Spend it all, all of it Get rid of it Fast as you can Use it to pig out Feast while there’s plenty Pollute the   air   soil   water Build shiny cars and sparkling castles Drink Champagne and bottled water Dine on rare imports of caviar, crab I am slowly Burning Out trying to keep Up […]

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