Ohm-Mazing Breakfast Bowl 2.0

Breakfast Bowl Goodness!


This simple breakfast grain bowl is a breeze to make. Cook your wheat berries the night before (soak them too) and they are all set for breakfast in the morning! Cook extra so you can have this breakfast 2 days in a row! Or for lunch! Or for dinner!

This Ohm-Mazing Breakfast Bowl contains:
Wheatberries, plain yogurt, pumpkin seed, almond slices, goji berries, blueberries, cinnamon and hemp seeds.

Eat the rainbow! Go organic & GMO free to treat your body right!

Use plain yogurt to avoid added sugar. Use spices, fruit, honey or maple syrup to add flavour.
There are no “set” rules: just use what you have on hand. This could go sweet or savoury depending on how you flavour it.

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