Project Coherence: A Global Meditation

A little while ago, Big City Hippie Maddy participated in Project Coherence, led by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

The first Project Coherence was a live-stream global meditation. Dr. Joe Dispenza led a live, group meditation to raise the frequency of the planet, to become heart-centered together, to unify our souls, to project love into the universe and to heal each other. It was a historic event. Over 4,000 people from 64 Countries participated. People from all over the world were consciously choosing to focus their attention on the same thing.


It was such a success, that a re-broadcast of the stream was scheduled. The re-broadcast, scheduled for November 15th 2015, was just days after terror attacks stunned the world, from Paris to Beirut to Syria. I participated in this second event, and it was an overwhelming experience. Even though I was physically alone, I was with thousands of others spiritually, zero-ing in on peace and love. A live comments feed displayed countless messages of love & support in a time of grief & fear from people located in different countries, from all kinds of backgrounds and religions. “Research shows that when we cultivate the emotional states of care, love, and compassion our hearts expand and we radiate coherent energy that can be used to benefit both ourselves and the world.” Dr. Joe Dispenza.

As I listened to the guided meditation by Dr. Dispenza and felt my heart connect with the collective consciousness as well as my own, tears silently streamed down my cheeks. We collectively cried for those lost & wounded in the many attacks around the world, and we collectively projected our light onto the darkness.

Your thoughts hold immense power. Collective thoughts hold a power so great, it’s an almost unstoppable force.


It was a beautiful experience, one I won’t soon forget. I look forward to participating in similar events with the Global Community. In total, Project Coherence events connected 6,000 souls from 77 countries.

Thank you, Dr. Joe DIspenza!

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