Reduce, Reuse, Rewater

Whats this murky bucket doing in my kitchen sink?

Well, it’s hot out. And dry. This bucket catches extra sink water and liquids that would otherwise be washed down to drain. Instead, every time it’s full, we take it outside and water the plants on our deck, and the garden.
An average day in the kitchen, including cooking dinner, can often equate to 4+ buckets of water saved!

Don’t be scared to add things like coffee grounds, leftover tea/coffee, soap, and other random things (this bucket has about a cup of spoiled milk in it). These extra bits add some nutrients back to the soil (kind of like lazy compost tea). Please ensure you are using an Eco-friendly biodegradable dish soap that won’t hurt you or the earth, such as Dr. Bronners or Sapodilla! Don’t be fooled by greenwashing on labels – it’s the ingredients that matter, not the marketing!

Anyways, this is an easy, semi-lazy way around to cut back on potable water use – seeing as we keep breaking records for heat and lack of rainfall.

Reduce, Reuse, Rewater!

You can do this in your shower too! You’ll be amazed at how much water gets washed away!

Go a few steps further an integrate a grey-water system in your home – this catches all water from sinks & showers to be re-used to flush toilets, water plants, and more!

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