Sardine Savvy Bowl

Looking for another super quick, easy and healthy meal? Have sardines kicking around in your cupboards?

We present… The Sardine Savvy Bowl!


The Sardine Savvy Bowl:

> sardines (ours are mustard coated)
> sprouts, red pepper, red onion, cucumber
> seeds (pumpkin and black sesame)
> tumeric, salt and pepper, & olive oil
makes for a fast and filling lunch!
> put main ingredients in your bowl
> top with seeds, spices and dressing

Sardines are amazing for you, and with all these flavors, the “fishy” presence is very low! Lots of anti-oxidants, omega-3s, calcium, vitamins and minerals all in one bowl! How savvy!

Try any combo you feel like! No rules here!

Remember to use organic, non-gmo ingredients to be kind to your body and the earth.


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