Simple Kitchen Pantry Face Mask 

Self Care face mask morning!

This is a Turmeric Honey mask, made with ingredients found in your own kitchen!

Mix up 2 tablespoons of the highest quality honey you can get (manuka honey is the gold of golden honeys), mix in some Turmeric powder, some cinnamon, and maybe a drop of lavender essential oil for a mask that is hydrating, brightening, promoting circulation, calming, and drawing out impurities. Honey is pretty magic!

Put it on for 15-30 minutes, in a thin layer so it doesn’t warm up and drip off, and be mindful of staining Turmeric – don’t wear white and clean up well! Use a dark towel to dry your face once you’ve rinsed it off with warm water!

Apply it, then head outside to breathe fresh air and look at stuff (lots of spiderwebs out to marvel at)! Try this simple face mask on your next morning at home!

xx Big City Hippie Maddy

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