The Easiest & Cheapest way to make Organic Vegetable Stock

Keeping up with ingredient labels, GMOs, rising prices, health information, grocery shopping and meal planning is a lot of work. A lot. 
Taking the time to create something from nothing in the kitchen 3 times a day, everyday, is exhausting. We are fortunate there are healthy products to assist us when we are in need of assistance. But what if we told you that you could make “something from nothing” that would save you money, is extremely easy, good for the environment and healthy?

Make your own veggie stock using the ends of vegetables you would be composting.


 Stop Buying Stock and Reap the Benefits.

Always purchasing stock can be pricey, and there is a lot of packaging waste. To cut down on expenses, know exactly what is in your stock, eliminate waste and compost, it’s time to get a little burst of kitchen wisdom. Get a large freezer bag or container and start filling it with veggie scraps. And we mean ALL veggie scraps. The skins from your onions, the tops of peppers, the ends of beets, herb stalks. Don’t discriminate. These unused parts are hiding a plethora of goodness – they are healthy and flavourful! Store all that goodness in the freezer, and when your bag is full, put it all in a large pot, cover with fresh filtered water to start your stock!

Balance & Flavour Makers.

Your scrap stock might be unbalanced in terms of the flavours you are used to/want. Ours is usually quite celery & kale end heavy, with a noticeable lack of onion, garlic & carrot. We simply add these in. Chop a few onions into fours {skin and all}, same for some garlic cloves, and chop carrots roughly into thirds.
 Add spices & herbs, such as bay leaves, salt and pepper, thyme, rosemary, oregano, paprika, cumin, turmeric… experiment!

The Satisfaction of the End Result.

You will feel like a domestic goddess/god after you have created your own stock. Bring the stock to a boil, then turn it down to allow simmer for a few hours.

No hard rules.

Your abode will smell excellent. Do a few taste tests, spice/flavour accordingly.
Once it has cooled {usually put the entire stock pot in the fridge overnight}, then use a strainer and bowl to get yourself pure stock. We use our “pasta” strainer over a large bowl/pot, then use the back of a ladle to “squeeze” out any extra juices from the sopping wet veggies.
Then, put your stock in jars to store in the fridge/freezer or can them properly and you now have healthy homemade veggie stock at the ready! Or eat it as is for Veggie Scrap Soup!


Such a Savvy Chef.

We bet you’re feeling pretty pleased right about now. You have a delicious, healthy stock ready to go in the fridge.

Get ready to feel even better.

You have saved money {as the veggies you used for the stock were already purchased}.

You are practicing the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle {in this case, compost}.

You have eliminated pesky packaging.

You have a wonderful amount of veggies to add to your personal compost bin, and it will help make nutritious soil.

You created a closed loop if you grew your own veggies that were used for the stock {then composted back for new veggie growth}.

You know EXACTLYwhat is in your stock. Organic stock can list “natural flavours” which can be misleading should you have a sensitivity/allergy, and even organic manufacturers have allowances for adding certain ingredients/chemical flavour enhancers to their products. You’d be surprised at how many Organic stocks contain added sugar. #ThumbsDown.

Now, why not go make an awesome bean & lentil stew, or a light fresh vegetable soup with your fresh masterpiece?



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