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Health starts with at home. Our home environment has a great effect on our MindBodySoul – let’s make sure your home is conducive to modern day living while using methods from your roots to keep you happy & healthy.



10 Daily Guiding Principles  (10/13/2017) MindBodySoul health means everything is connected. You cannot be in optimal homeostasis if you are only considering one aspect of “health” at a time. For example, if you focus on diet, but ignore mental wellness, or if you focus on exercise, but forget about emotional resiliency. Samantha Dobo & Jennifer Kennedy share 10 daily principles […]
Juicy Butterflies – GCUC 2017 (10/12/2017) The Global Coworking Unconference Conference hit Vancouver October 4-6, 2017, and Big City Hippie Maddy got to take it all in! Here is my recap on a whirlwind of 3 juicy days full of hope, inspiration, tears, hugs, learning, community, and all things coworking…   DAY ONE Day One started off with registration, coffee, and […]
BCH x The Global Coworking Unconference Conference 2017 (9/29/2017) Big City Hippies is a proud media sponsor for The Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC aka JUICY) happening October 4th to 6th! Big City Hippie Maddy touched base with Melissa Hope from The HiVE and Denise Brennan from Creative Coworkers for their thoughts on the thriving scene that is coworking. I asked for their Top […]
Miso Squash Soup (9/15/2017) August turned to September, and boom! Just like that, there was a big ol’ squash in our weekly box of CSA veggies from Inner City Farms. Normally when I buy a squash, it ends up sitting on my counter for months till I finally remember to use it. They are excellent, edible fall decor, so […]
Simple Kitchen Pantry Face Mask  (9/12/2017) Self Care face mask morning! This is a Turmeric Honey mask, made with ingredients found in your own kitchen! Mix up 2 tablespoons of the highest quality honey you can get (manuka honey is the gold of golden honeys), mix in some Turmeric powder, some cinnamon, and maybe a drop of lavender essential oil for […]
Work Like Nature Book Review (9/12/2017) I really enjoyed Work Like Nature: Sustainability Lessons From Ecosystems For Your Job Or Business by Lea Elliott – it’s a perfect companion to those green initiatives you’ve been dreaming up for your workplace! “When we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it attached to the rest of the world” – John […]
Mango Ginger Salmonberry Smoothie (8/16/2017) Power Up your smoothie with wild berries! Foraged Salmonberries were a great addition to this mango ginger smoothie! Ingredients mango (we used organic, frozen) salmonberries (foraged – not available in stores) banana (one medium-ish sized) kale (a few leaves) tahini (a tablespoon-ish) ginger (a small knob) yogurt (plain, grass-fed, a few tablespoons water (a splash […]
Reduce, Reuse, Rewater (8/9/2017) Whats this murky bucket doing in my kitchen sink? Well, it’s hot out. And dry. This bucket catches extra sink water and liquids that would otherwise be washed down to drain. Instead, every time it’s full, we take it outside and water the plants on our deck, and the garden. An average day in the […]
Art of Living Retreats (4/10/2017) In June 2016, my best friend Richelle and I joined Bianca & Jose at their Art of Living retreat on Bowen Island. We had been looking for an experience to share together that was beyond our usual repertoire, but that wasn’t a full blown trip/vacation. We literally googled on the phone together “Retreats in British […]
Golden Milk is Sunshine in a Cup (4/7/2017) Making my own sunshine with a hot cup of Golden Milk! I love adding ginger, allspice, cinnamon and maple syrup or honey to my sunny turmeric powerhouse beverage.  I also love steaming my grass fed milk so it’s all frothy and fun!  Golden Milk is an Ayurvedic healing drink made with lots of turmeric, black […]
Quark on Toast  (4/7/2017) Grass-fed Quark, pesto, red cabbage sauerkraut, pepper & turmeric atop sourdough kamut rye toast = savoury anytime yum! I had it for breakfast.  A poached or fried egg would be a delicious addition!
Get OUTside with the Wild About Vancouver Festival (3/29/2017) Just like spring, the Wild About Vancouver Festival is close on our heels! From April 22 – 30, 2017, Vancouver & the Lower Mainland are invited to participate in FREE outdoor events hosted by local partners, such as schools, organizations, individuals, and businesses. This year, the goal is to have 80+ free events that promote […]
Healthful Oatmeal Latte (10/17/2016) We are lucky ducks who got an espresso maker as a gift, and I use it ALL the time. Well, I’m pretty good about moderation, so really I use it about 2-3 x per week on myself. I love making different flavoured, healthy oatmeal, and I love lattes, so I thought “why not latte flavoured […]
Get Involved with People, Parks, and Dogs in Vancouver (8/31/2016) *  UPDATE – February 2017 * Round 2 Consultations are now happening! Final recommendations to the Parks Board will be submitted in Spring 2017 – that’s soon! Take the survey on the Draft Recommendations that came out the feedback from Round 1 Main Page Link: http://vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/people-parks-dogs-strategy.aspx Direct Survey #2 Link: https://www.talkvancouver.com/S.aspx?s=348&r=gk4LB5Kz0HH1KE7dc1Z0cq&so=true&a=834&as=mg1ZM3ng07&fromdetect=1 The City of Vancouver […]
Easy-Over Egg with Nettles (3/11/2016) An easy over egg atop sautéed nettles with pesto, cheddar & spices on a multi-grain bagel. I think I could eat this organic vegetarian recipe daily! Stinging nettles (Urtica dioica) are an amazing powerhouse of nutrients. When raw, the tiny needles covering the nettles sting you with chemicals, but when cooked (or soaked), their stinging chemicals are released, making them safe to eat & handle! Nettles taste like a […]
Project Coherence: A Global Meditation (3/11/2016) A little while ago, Big City Hippie Maddy participated in Project Coherence, led by Dr. Joe Dispenza. The first Project Coherence was a live-stream global meditation. Dr. Joe Dispenza led a live, group meditation to raise the frequency of the planet, to become heart-centered together, to unify our souls, to project love into the universe […]
Dog Sleep Patterns (2/25/2016)  Just like humans, a dog goes through sleep stages. They have 3 stages: NREM, REM & SWS.  Non-REM & SWS (Short Wave Sleep) sleep is lighter, though restful. REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is deep & full of twitching/eye-fluttering/whimpering/grumbling/dreams and more. Avoid waking your pooch during REM. They may be agitated and confused or scared. They can have bad […]
Savoury Almond, Rosemary & Thyme Loaf (3/13/2015) Looking for a delicious, nutritous, gluten-free loaf of bread? This Savoury Almond, Rosemary & Thyme Loaf is all that and more! This isn’t about a “gluten-free” trendy bread, it’s just a honest to goodness recipe that is different from our daily routines. If you love nervy, chewy & nutty, why not give this recipe a […]
3 Ingredient Skin Clearing Face Mask (1/26/2015) For those without “perfect” skin, you are always on the hunt for that next product to right all wrongs. Maybe it’s a cream, or a pill, or a detox. Whatever it is, it usually doesn’t last, and we are left searching & wondering all over again. We are our worst critics, and the stress of […]
Matcha Green Tea Hot Chocolate (1/26/2015) Looking for a new way to enjoy Matcha? Try mixing it with organic dark cacao! To make it pop, and ease up on the bitterness, we added some cinnamon and maple syrup. This warm drink will feel like a treat, but it is a truly healthy hot beverage. Antioxidants abound, and you can use any […]
Healthy Feed-You-All-Week Oatmeal Casserole (12/4/2014) Big City Hippies LOVE one-pot meals! They are usually fool-proof, require much less “focus” during cooking, and make nowhere near as many dishes as multi-dish recipes. If you use a wide variety of produce, whole grains, nuts, seeds, spices and so on, you will end up with a delicious and nutritious meal! This Oatmeal Casserole […]
How to Stop your Shower from Poisoning You (11/5/2014) You might not realize it, but every time you shower, you could be exposing yourself, your children, wildlife & the environment to toxic chemicals such as Dioxins, Phthalates & Lead. Is your shower curtain or liner made of the “Poison Plastic”? “The polymers ranked as most hazardous are made of monomers classified as mutagenic and/or carcinogenic (category […]
Witness (10/31/2014) When I witness this history Of the species     MANKIND When I see in myself What one should despise And what I learned from the press Of what man can derive Ain’t it a wonder the sun still shines Yes Ain’t it a wonder that sun still shines While we sit in the kitchen sippin’ chemical […]
Burlap Lace Fall Dress Update DIY (10/20/2014) I purchased a pretty teal dress {a high/low dress, or as I like to call it, the “Mullet Dress”} last fall. It has long sleeves, and is a jewel-toned teal. Soft and cozy for cooler weather, perfect with tights & boots & easy to throw on and look “complete” on sleepy mornings. Here’s the problem – When […]
DIY Teacup Planter (10/18/2014) Who doesn’t want a large teacup full of succulents or other fun plants? This incredibly easy DIY only requires a few “ingredients”! > a teacup > plants of your choice > soil > small rocks OR a ceramic drill {or both} You simply drill a drainage hole OR put a a layer of pebbles at […]
Dear Mr. Bouchard   (10/15/2014) Minister of the Environment 1989 Time is short. Why do you not speak like you should, given the stupendous responsibility you hold? Why do people such as David Suzuki, Chief Piakon, or myself continue to upstage you? It is not only my daughters, but children of all species who will be perplexed and forever angry […]
DIY Nut Butter Blends (10/3/2014) We noticed an explosive amount of growth in the peanut/almond/nut butter section of local grocery stores, and were seeing new, exciting combinations of spreads! Concoctions such as coconut, banana, chocolate chip, apple pie, chia seed, hemp seed, half peanut – half almond and so many more interesting ideas!   Naturally, after examining many labels and deeming […]
Living Extraordinary 2014 with Conscious Divas (10/1/2014) Check your calendar. Free on Tuesday, October 21? Yes? Not anymore! Conscious Divas is holding Living Extraordinary, and you are not going to want to miss it! You will be inspired by 10 Local Luminaries who will each have the stage for 7 minutes, to enlighten you with their stories & words of wisdom, courage, change, […]
Simple & Healthy Pumpkin Pie Banana Bread (9/22/2014) We were heading to Lillooet for the weekend, and needed to bring a contribution for a potluck we were attending. We needed something that was easily portable, did not require refrigeration, was delicious, but still healthy!   I thought Banana Bread would be a good option. We had recently made Pumpkin French Toast, and still had […]
Canada (9/18/2014) Protect your precious remaining wilderness areas Teach your citizens here to compost recycle garden Make your city’s air and water clean, and provide them with safe nonpolluting transportation bicycles and trains Make them clean and green Let there always be forest in forest streams There is no better investment than promoting and protecting a quality […]
6 Reasons to #GoGreen with your Laundry Routine (9/10/2014) Have you thought recently about the benefits of hanging up your old laundry routine? Do you want to save money, burn calories and be kinder to the environment? We thought so! Read on for 6 reasons to go green with your laundry routine.
Jack Laytons Dream (8/31/2014)   When Layton died The nation cried In solidarity for a friend Who so diplomatically and honourably Put our country on the mend His charisma and integrity Touching us all Until his noble end We’ll miss you Jack, Perhaps even more than Trudeau – For telling us all That united we can Tell the Tories […]
Green Streets Program in Vancouver (8/27/2014) Vancouver has a Green Streets program that is pretty awesome! Local community volunteers plant gardens in roundabouts/diversions that the City of Vancouver pays for. It’s then basically in the hands of that volunteer to maintain. If you volunteer, here are some perks: free compost in the spring & fall, advance notice of plant giveaway, green streets newsletter, […]
DIY Mouthwash – Eco, Easy & Effortless (8/26/2014) Big City Hippies love it when it’s easy to make a common household item at home! Even better? When you can improve it and save money! Using easy-to-grow garden herbs and some common household items, we created our own mouthwash! It is eco-friendly {locally made, no extra packaging, low energy to create it etc}, has no […]
The Easiest & Cheapest way to make Organic Vegetable Stock (8/4/2014) Keeping up with ingredient labels, GMOs, rising prices, health information, grocery shopping and meal planning is a lot of work. A lot. 
Taking the time to create something from nothing in the kitchen 3 times a day, everyday, is exhausting. We are fortunate there are healthy products to assist us when we are in need […]
Healthy Chocolate Spelt Zucchini Cake (8/1/2014) After visiting family friends who own and run Sapo Bravo Farm (Organic Fruits & Veggies) in Lytton, BC, I came home with A LOT of Zucchini.    I decided to finally make a zucchini loaf/cake! It was delicious, simple and healthy! Here is the great recipe!     I tweaked the recipe I found from […]
30 Minutes for Soft Hair, Self-Love & Vitamin D (7/31/2014) The Sun is blazing. It is softly calling out to you… “Come relax with me; melt your cares away. Enjoy the comfort of my warm embrace.” So you concede, and decide to practice some self-love, and relax in the sunshine. Pause. I am a female. I should be multi-tasking. I should be multi-tasking especially if […]
Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding (7/12/2014) Humans by nature have a sweet tooth. Sweet meant “safe to eat” when we were hunter/gatherers. However, when we were more caveman-like, we did not have the kind of sweetness and variety of man-made sweeteners (mostly toxic) that we have in the 21st century. We are usually consuming the sweetest variety of fruits & vegetables, […]
Healthy Jam Fake-Out (7/10/2014) Some mornings all you want is peanut butter and jam on toast. But what to do if you’ve run out of jam? Or if you are trying to eat cleaner? Top your sprouted toast & organic peanut butter with fresh organic strawberries and banana! Add some cinnamon, coconut, hemp & chia seeds! You get the […]
Ohm-Mazing Breakfast Bowl 2.0 (7/10/2014) Breakfast Bowl Goodness! This simple breakfast grain bowl is a breeze to make. Cook your wheat berries the night before (soak them too) and they are all set for breakfast in the morning! Cook extra so you can have this breakfast 2 days in a row! Or for lunch! Or for dinner! This Ohm-Mazing Breakfast […]
Please Come Home (7/10/2014) Please come home. Please come home. Find the place where your feet know where to walk And follow your own trail home. Please come home. Please come home into your own body, Your own vessel, your own earth. Please come home into each and every cell, And fully into the space that surrounds you. Please […]
Yam-Slam Mash Up 3.0 (5/27/2014) A THIRD variation of the Yam-Slam Mash Up! Yam is such a great base, we can’t seem to get enough! This 3rd Mash Up (Yam-Slam & Yam-Slam 2.0) is sort of a combination of our yam recipes and the Ohm-Mazing Breakfast Bowl. It has a similar breakfast-y theme, but can still be eaten any time […]
Yam-Slam Mash Up 2.0 (5/26/2014) This is such an easy meal, and there are so many variations! Here is another way to enjoy that freshly baked yam! Yam-Slam 2.0! Click for the original Yam-Slam Yam-Slam Mash Up 2.0: > baked yam > cherry tomatoes > red onion > peanuts & slivered almonds, hemp & chia seeds > green onions, fresh […]
Sardine Savvy Bowl (5/24/2014) Looking for another super quick, easy and healthy meal? Have sardines kicking around in your cupboards? We present… The Sardine Savvy Bowl! The Sardine Savvy Bowl: > sardines (ours are mustard coated) > sprouts, red pepper, red onion, cucumber > seeds (pumpkin and black sesame) > tumeric, salt and pepper, & olive oil makes for […]
Yam-Slam Mash Up (5/22/2014) Think you have nothing to eat in your fridge and pantry? Have a bunch of random items kicking around? That’s how I was feeling. We already had some cooked yams in the fridge, and I was feeling lazy, hungry and uninspired. Then inspiration hit! Yam-Slam Mash Up: > baked yam > avocado > cilantro & […]
Use-It-All Lettuce Wrap (5/22/2014) Have a ton of produce waiting to be devoured, but stumped on how to use it all up? Enter lettuce wraps! > Use whatever you have! > Throw in whatever veggies and spices/seeds you have! This wrap features: quinoa, black beans, cucumber, peppers, celery, tomato, avocado, tumeric, chia, hemp, seeds, salt and pepper, other spices. […]
Ohm-Mazing Breakfast Bowl (5/21/2014) Use up that leftover quinoa in the fridge to make an ohm – worthy, wholesome breakfast (or a whenever meal!)   Ohm-Mazing Breakfast Bowl: > cold, cooked quinoa > organic plain yogurt (flavoured yogurts are full of sugar, and non-organic milk means cows may have been fed GMOs… Beware! If you are in the USA, milk […]
Healthy Chocolate Cinnamon Popcorn in Under 10 (5/17/2014) Who doesn’t love popcorn? It’s crunchy and light, and makes you feel like snuggling up with a good movie (or a few tv shows in a row) It’s a low calorie snack, and provided you don’t gorge yourself and eat small portions, is actually pretty healthy. Health benefits of Organic, Non-GMO Popcorn: > Fiber > […]
Plan It (5/7/2014) I need clean water, air and soils I am the Planet Earth. PLAN IT. Wake up, spring’s here, you’ve had your tea, tea, tea – Frank Sloan {1986}
Demise of the songbirds (5/7/2014) Have I no right to speak? In this country I do – CANADA Open your eyes! Only to be Blinded     by the glint of Greed Flashy metal. Open your heart – be blind Feel the magnitude of the Reality of our situation. Four billion human Maggots who will never Metamorphosis until they Learn to spin A […]
Going for broke (5/7/2014) Spend it all, all of it Get rid of it Fast as you can Use it to pig out Feast while there’s plenty Pollute the   air   soil   water Build shiny cars and sparkling castles Drink Champagne and bottled water Dine on rare imports of caviar, crab I am slowly Burning Out trying to keep Up […]
Being Frank (5/1/2014) Remember me as one who cares as one who would sing to grizzly bears as one who composts in many layers lush is my garden – Frank Sloan {1988}
Blue Suede Shoes – Upcycle! (4/22/2014) John had a pair of white shoes that were always getting dirty, and such a chore to clean. Instead of this vicious cycle, I decided to take his shoes with me to the Art Works Studio at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre while I was a frequent outpatient. It was time to breathe some new life […]
Wham, Bam, Chia Seed Jam (4/22/2014) Spring is officially upon Vancouverites! Spring means I feel like actually waking up, as little birds sing songs outside of our window inEast Vancouver, and making breakfast for myself and my fiancé, John. While we usually try and have a hearty breakfast (especially because John is a 6.7″ giant), sometimes we just feel like peanut butter […]
Daily Dose: Lemon Water (4/22/2014) Have you seen all those posts about how good lemon water is for you? Well, we have a tip for you on how to easily enjoy lemon water all the time! Buying a bag of organic lemons, rather then individually, means better value for you money, but can mean a lot of lemons to use before […]
The Best Foods For Dry Skin (4/1/2014) This winter, I had terribly dry skin. I knew it was being caused by something on the inside of my body, because it was ongoing and no cream or oil was helping. So, I started to research the best things to help my body produce more of the oils and healthy skin cells I needed […]

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