Yam-Slam Mash Up 2.0

This is such an easy meal, and there are so many variations!

Here is another way to enjoy that freshly baked yam! Yam-Slam 2.0!

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Yam – Slam 2.0

Yam-Slam Mash Up 2.0:
> baked yam
> cherry tomatoes
> red onion
> peanuts & slivered almonds, hemp & chia seeds
> green onions, fresh basil, fresh chives, fresh parsley, fresh sprouts
> avocado
> olive oil, balsamic & grainy mustard

These were ingredients from our pantry, fridge & herb garden. Yam is such a great base for all sorts of flavors! Poke around your fridge for any unused produce and get creative!

Remember to use organic, non-gmo ingredients!

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